What is いやほい from the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song 原宿いやほい HARAJUKU IYAHOI?


What does いやほい mean in this context? Or is it nonsense or onomatopeia? I'm not finding a conclusive result in the dictionary.

Results I get are, for instance:

いや which could be disagreeable, increasingly, no, head house, birthplace, originator

ほい which could be linen kariginu, supplement, heave-ho, yes, one's real intent

So... "no-yes"...? "linen kariginu originator"...? ...?

Dan Puza

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1Though I never saw this particular written form, I am very sure that it is a variant of やっほい. – broccoli forest – 2018-06-24T19:27:36.527



Most native speakers haven't heard いやほい before this song. When an announcer asked the lyricist about this word on Nov/11/2015, he said something along the lines of "The meaning is not known and each person has their own way of interpreting it". So it's basically his made-up word which just sounded nice to him.

Still, I feel this is meant to sound like a symbolic 掛け声, something like "Yo Ho" (of pirates) or "Heigh-Ho" (of dwarfs in Snow White). Some people seem to believe this had been actually used among young people around Harajuku, but I could not find a definitive evidence for that.


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Isn't it just a 'call'? Like "yahooo!" or "hey hey!" ... at least, that's the sense with which I take sounds like that one. Basically that would mean they're saying "hi" to Harajuku in an uber-genki way. I know that やっほー! is such a sound, and this seems fairly close to that, with extra "cuteness" added in.


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