Whats is the meaning of って in this?


あんたそりゃ「押しかけ女房」ってやつだな I undestand this like: "Youre that "Oshikake niyoubou" guy" (if I'm wrong please tell me) but I cant understand the meaning of って

Can somebody help me? Im sorry for my bad english too.


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3The やつ doesn't mean "guy". そりゃ~~ってやつだ (≂それは~~というものだ) That's what's called ~~, That's what you'd call ~~. – Chocolate – 2017-09-28T01:41:20.320

Also, just in case you're wondering/unsure, apparently 押しかけ女房 refers to a woman who forced her husband into marriage. Here's the Japanese Wikipedia page for the term.

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The 「~って」 expresses 同格 (apposition). Means 「~という」. According to 明鏡国語辞典:


The って in your example is the appositive case particle. The examples in the dictionary can be rewritten as 「エゴン・シーレという画家は知ってますか?」「用というほどのこともないんだが・・・」. 「って」 is more colloquial than 「という」. Your sentence can be rephrased as:

⇒ あんた、それは「押しかけ女房」というやつだな。/ というものだな。

"Say, / Hey, that's what's called 押しかけ女房 / that's what you call 押しかけ女房."

The やつ here doesn't mean "guy", but "thing" or "what (is called...)", ≂「もの (in the sense of 物, not 者)」.

And the あんた is vocative (呼びかけ). It's not the subject of the sentence. The subject is それ in そりゃ (=それ+は).

The って here is not the quotative particle (=格助詞「と」), nor the topical particle (=係助詞「は」「というのは」), which I explained in this answer.


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Thank you so much for your answer it was very complete. I always have a lot of troubles with "casual" or "informal" japanese, I have a lot to learn. Is there some answer or post where somebody talk about "informal" japanese? – Pixiebell – 2017-09-28T16:56:29.433

@Pixiebell We have a lot of questions and answers tagged with "colloquial language" -> https://japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/colloquial-language?sort=votes&pageSize=50 and "contractions" -> https://japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/contractions?sort=votes&pageSize=50 Would these be of some help?

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