Knight in Shining Armor - Idioms


while working on some translations I ran across the phrase: 輝く鎧の騎士. A character was refered to as this. Google tells me it translates to "knight in shining armor". My question is thus: Is that the idiomatic equivalent of the phrase in English, and if not what is?


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In Japan, you often hear 「白馬{はくば}の王子様{おうじさま}」or「白馬{はくば}に乗{の}った王子様{おうじさま}」to represent a gallant prince saving a damsel in distress.

Your example seems more of a literal translation of the English idiom but I'm uncertain.


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I think it is, as the character described literally wears shiny armor. – HadesHerald – 2017-02-14T17:25:27.757