Why de is used in second sentence?


I am currently studying Minna no nihongo. I came across these two sentences enter image description here

Why was de used in gakkodewa , instead of gakkoniwa in second sentence?

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Here, に marks the location of existence, and で marks the location of action. This answer will be of help: http://japanese.stackexchange.com/questions/60/particles-%E3%81%AB-vs-%E3%81%A7/4594#4594

– Chocolate – 2016-09-03T03:02:48.990

@chocolate Thank you for helping. I got it now. – Anubhav Goel – 2016-09-03T03:10:12.267

Because います takes に、 習う and most other verbs take で – oals – 2016-09-03T06:11:04.060



In these two examples, there are two main differences you should learn.

in the first sentence is used to explain the location that something or someone exists.

in the second sentence is used to explain the location that an action takes places.


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