Meaning of ボロカスにされる



I'm reading a manga and came across the following lines (in it A is talking to someone else about a third party C):

A: バカめが!

A: Cにボロカスにされるがいいわ!!

Most dictionaries I've looked at put ボロカス as a sort of harsh criticism/verbal attack but given that I'm still not entirely clear as to how it's being used in this case.


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Two things:

1) Meaning of 「ボロカスにする」(active voice) and 「ボロカスにされる」(passive voice).

2) Meaning of 「Verb Phrase + がいい」

I shall explain both, but if it still does not fit the context, you will need to provide the context.

「ボロカスにする」 means "to shoot down in flames" - verbally, that is.

「ボロカスにされる」, thus, naturally means "to be shot down in flames".

「Verb Phrase + がいい」 means "may as well (verb)", "had better (verb)", etc.


therefore, means:

"You'd better get shot down in flames by C! "

In case anyone is wondering, 「ボロ」, all by itself, means "rags" and 「カス」, "dregs".


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