Can't understand this idiom, is this slang?


"デカくてトロくて." This is from a manga I'm reading, and here is the whole sentence "デカくてトロくて使いやすいジャンプ台だった." For context purposes, this is a soccer manga and refers to a part where a forward was sure to be the one jumping highest, only to be surpassed by a defender, who is the one saying the phrase. This defender use the other player shoulder to jump higher. I have no idea what デカ and トロ mean here. Any help would be really appreciated!!!!

Marcela alvarez centeno

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Neither of the two is slang, really.

「デカい」 is an informal word for 「[大]{おお}きい」. It should be found in every dictionary.

「とろい」 is a regular dictionary word meaning "dull", "stupid", etc. Perhaps the katakana part fooled you. That is just to give the word a slangy look and feel.

「デカ」 and 「トロ」 are just the continuative forms of 「デカ」 and 「トロ」, respectively. The sentence uses three adjectives in a row, thus the first two must be put in the continuative form.

"It/He was a big, stupid and easy-to-use jump stand."


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1It makes perfect sense!!! Thank you so much!! I was totally lost. – Marcela alvarez centeno – 2016-05-21T23:08:38.750