japanese verb for "to surf the internet"


What are the Japanese words which express surfing the internet/browsing the internet/being on the internet both formal and informal? I stumbled upon this problem while trying to find a way to say "I browse the internet on my phone before going to sleep" (yes, I know it's unhealthy, I'm trying to stop :()


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  • "To surf the internet" is literally ネットサーフィンする. And I think this is sort of informal.
  • "To browse" is 見る. So ネットを見る is the answer.
  • "Being on the internet" - either one above should be fine.

We also say:

  • インターネットに接続{せつぞく}する formal!
    • This could also mean connecting to the internet.
  • インターネットを閲覧{えつらん}する formal!
    • This always means surfing/browsing the internet.
  • インターネットをする


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