Hikaru no Go Manga - dialogue question


So this is a sentence I picked from Hikaru no Go, Vol. 1, that I am reading.


What does パツ mean in this sentence and how do you usually find those kind words? When I searched on jisho.org I did not find anything.

Here is another sentence:

バーカ 囲碁だよ 碁盤とか いう ヤツ

What does ヤツ mean in this sentence ?

頭 が おもて一 やつぱコレはきのうの...

What does やつぱコレ mean in this sentence?


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7It looks like you have trouble distinguishing っ and ッ from つ and ツ... – Earthliŋ – 2016-01-30T21:11:09.700

2You are totally correct and I will try to look more closely to distinguishing っ and ッ from つ and ツ.

Thanks for the feedback. – TensaiNiNaru – 2016-01-31T23:25:12.087



That should be 「パ」 with the small 「ッ」 rather than 「パ」 with the full-size 「ツ」.

「パッとしない」 means "to not be good enough", "to not stand out", etc.

「どれもこれもパツとしないなあ」 means

"None of these/those are good enough (for me)."

or "These/Those are all mediocre."

Moving on..

「ヤツ」 here means "a/the thing". (Full-size 「ツ」 here.)

「バーカ [囲碁]{いご}だよ [碁盤]{ごばん}とか いう ヤツ だ」 =

"You fool, it is Go! That is what they call a Go board! "

Lastly, it is a small 「っ」 again in 「やっぱ」. It is not 「やつぱ」.

「やっぱ」 is a colloquial version of 「やっぱり」, which is already an informal version of 「やはり」.

All three mean "as I/you/they thought", "you see!", "after all", etc. It is a word a native speaker uses a dozen times a day.

「[頭]{あたま} が おもて一 やつぱコレはきのうの...」 =

"My head feels heavy. You see, this has gotta be ~~~ from yesterday."

It is hard to translate without more context. 「おもてー」 is how 「[重]{おも}たい」 (= "heavy") is pronounced informally (mostly in Kanto).


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1The last sentence has a やつぱ instead of やっぱ. Might make things confusing for the OP. Tried to edit but that was the only thing wrong, so it wouldn't let me. Wah. – Miss Lavelle – 2016-01-31T14:08:38.157