A department in a company where unproductive employees are transferred to instead of being fired


At the job fair for college students some presenters jokingly mentioned a Japanese drama in which a company had a special department full of incompetent or inefficient employees. The company had decided to place them in that special department instead of firing them. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the department nor the name of the TV drama.

Is there a common name for such a department? Does it really exist in real world Japanese companies?


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"the name of the TV drama" >>「ショムニ」?

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Another one I thought of is 「五つ星ツーリスト」, where the incompetents wound up in the 中央管理センター. Also, I feel this question is off-topic.

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That "department" is most commonly called 「[窓際部署]{まどぎわぶしょ}」 even though it is never an "official" department.

The word 「[窓際]{まどぎわ}」 means "by the window" and it is used because the employees placed in the above mentioned "department" have little to do except looking out the window all day every day.

Those employees, by the way, are commonly called 「窓際[族]{ぞく}」.


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