what does 無駄にコマから出てくるな mean?


I've been reading a manga and there was a sentence:


Can someone tell me what does it mean?


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6I know exactly what it means, but as a rule here, you would need to provide your own attempt first. – l'électeur – 2015-07-03T23:28:43.540

2コマ amounts to the illustration together with the frame surrounding it. Does this help? – eltonjohn – 2015-07-04T02:09:37.333

I'm sorry @l'électeur, I'm new here. I still have a problem with understanding this sentence. I thought that maybe it means something like: it's waste of illustration so don't show yourself. – yasuko9075 – 2015-07-04T17:45:06.307

@l'électeur could you point me in the direction of where this rule is written? – sova – 2015-07-10T13:54:19.033


@sova here

– oals – 2015-07-14T12:40:17.343

@YangMuye Thanks, that comment lead me to re-interpret the line. – oals – 2015-07-14T13:16:48.130

It sounds like a つっこみ. 無駄に means “meaninglessly”, but it is often used to add some humorous effect. The whole sentence means “don't come out of the frame, which is pointless.” It may look like this.

– Yang Muye – 2015-07-14T13:31:20.230



As the question still is open, I'll try to answer it.

Your attempt,

it's waste of illustration so don't show yourself.

is very much off.

  1. This is the 'pensive' or 'monologue' な, not the imperative な

    • On second thought, this is debatable. I originally took the sentence to be something the mangaka wrote, criticising his/her own style.
  2. コマ means 'frame (of a comic)'

  3. This is the particle から ('from'), not 〜だから ('because')

  4. Do check the dictionary for 出る (and/or 出てくる). Here it means 'to come out'

  5. 'Waste of xxx' is typically 「xxxの無駄」

    無駄に, when used this way, means 'pointlessly' or 'for no purpose'

A correct answer would be (if we consider it to be the pensive な),

[something] is coming out of the comic frame for no good reason

'Something' here, I presume, is referring to whatever is in the frame that is sticking out.

If we take it as a command, it's

Don't stick out of the comic for no reason!


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"Don't stick out of the frame pointlessly" or "Don't stick out of the frame so much."


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