Meaning of どんだけお人好しなんですかって話ですよね



context(all same guy talking to himself while someone else is listening):





I haven't been able to find any questions asked on the internet about this construction(although it does have similarities with ってこと etc).My intuition would be that it basically sums down what he's being saying as the question that って is quoting with the implication that anyone who would believe the second line is a お人好し, but that's all just what I think. Anyone care to clarify this type of usage?



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This is not the answer for your question, but 「そんなわけねーです!」part sounds very unnatural. ねー(ない) is a bit offensive and annoyed expression, usually followed by 「やろ,やろう, やろー」so 「そんなわけねーやろう!」or just 「そんなわけねー!」sounds more natural. – BurakUeda – 2014-12-29T01:27:10.040



It looks like you have got the gist of the phrase.

「どんだけ~~って話{はなし}ですよね / だよね / だよな, etc.。」

has been a very common informal/colloquial phrase expressing one's surprise at something one has seen, heard, etc.

The dictionary form of 「どんだけ」 is, of course, 「どれだけ ("how", "how much", etc.)」, which is used in exclamations.

The 「って」 is quotative. Important thing is to not translate the 「話」 part literally into "story" in your head. 「話」 here means more like 「こと」 and it only emphasizes what you want to say.

「どんだけお[人好]{ひとよ}しなんですかって話ですよね。」 =

「『どんだけお人好しなんですか?』って話ですよね。」 =

"How credulous could one get?", I'd say, wouldn't you?

Who is being talked about? It is those who believe that banks are eager to issue housing loans because they truly love to see the happy smiles on their customers' faces for finally acquiring their dream homes.

Finally, this is the man (woman?) who was largely responsible for the spreading of 「どんだけ」. His (her?) name is Ikko.


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lol There is even a Wiki page for 「どんだけ~」! I said to myself just that upon finding it, too. I said "it has been popular" in my answer because I do not remember hearing it when I was younger.

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