Colloquial Contraction Confusion



This is taken from one of the mindless pop songs I shouldn't even be listening to:

なんてったって ラッキー!

I know what なんて and ラッキー mean, of course, but I can't figure out in a way that makes sense to me what the contracted forms after なんて are. Any help?

Oren Ronen

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In this case, I believe that ったって is a reduction of 言ったって, which combined with なんて likely means roughly "no matter what I say/you say/etc."


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1Sounds good to me. なんてったって = なんと言ったって = なんと言っても. – Derek Schaab – 2011-06-28T12:28:15.900


Are you sure it's a contraction and not 達て, which would meant it was something they wished for, and they thought the person was lucky? With the little つ in there to represent how it was said?


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