What does '~にゃい' mean?


What does the 'にゃい' mean in the phrase '働きたくにゃい' or 'はたらきたくにやい'? (not sure if it's a small ya or not). It's in a line sticker.


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「[働]{はたら}きたくにゃい」 is just a cute way of saying 「働きたくない」. It makes you sound like a kitten speaking.


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1Whether or not that's cute depends on who you are right? – virmaior – 2014-03-28T11:18:20.740

3Although typically used by teenager girls in manga/anime, I won't be surprised to see my male friends in their thirties sporadically use this in Twitter, etc, unless they're severe otaku haters. Meow. – naruto – 2014-03-28T12:48:37.710