March 2015

/tech/ is 8chan's top technology discussion board. The board name /tech/ abbreviates for, interestingly enough, the English word technology.

The board consists of tech-related news, centralized GNU/Linux distribution discussions, free software advocacy, anonymity, and general reddit flaming. Meta discussions are taken to /metatech/.


Archival. First thread on /tech/. No.1/2 were both board stickies.

/tech/ - Technology took off around September 2014. The board initially populated by few users has grown to be amongst the most active 8chan boards. In the first 1-3 months of /tech/, majority of it was populated by /v/irgins who were interested in technology discussion and a few /g/-refugees. The board was more proprietary friendly (and really just somewhat friendly in general), but over time more of /g/'s community migrated here after hearing of the exodus. While they brought in a new and larger userbase of contributing and helpful anons, some shitposters decided to tag along. We welcome new users, but please consider if your thread can actually generate any quality discussion before posting.


/tech/ - Technology

/tech/ features two board stickies for Consumer Advice and Tech Support, purposed in filtering otherwise would be useless threads.



FSF on /tech/

Satirical Linux kernel fork on open source diversity, conceptualized by /tech/. The official github repo was eventually disabled by staff because of complaints.


Gitgud is a replacement for Github made by a number of /tech/nitions. it uses the Gitlab git interface.

Year of the Install Gentoo Wiki


Main Article: 8chan#Controversy


The Botnet knows what's up. This is somewhat old, ads changed since then. Current self-serve ads potentially allow even more autism awareness.
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