Wiki Backups

MediaWiki Based Sites

You can create your own viewable and offline backup of most MediaWiki wikis (i.e. anything that looks like wikipedia). This is handy if you're away from your wifi connection, are too cautious to lookup certain search terms or have friends where wikis are blocked.

It's also pretty cool to have your own copy of Wikipedia.

Usable Offline MediaWiki Backups

To create an accessable, offline wiki backup you need two things:

  1. A dump of the wiki, often compressed into a single file (sources below).
  2. A program to access and search the compressed wiki file with.

XOWA is a cross-platform, AGPLv3 licensed program to view wiki dumps with. It's simple to use and pretty easy to setup. Wiki dumps need to be imported before use, and on an i7 running at 3.4ghz take about 1mb/sec to import. So about a minute for WikiVoyage and half a day for the full english Wikipedia.

Creating Usable MediaWiki Backups

MediaWiki based wikis (like this one) can be backed up on your computer:

WikiMedia Backup Sources

WikiMedia creates backups monthly, available from WikiMedia Dumps.

BurnBit is a useful site for downloading large WikiMedia dumps. It's a site that can create a torrent from any url and also acts as a tracker. Paste your WikiMedia backup file url into it to create/access the torrent for it and you'll download at maxspeed.


Kiwix is another offline wiki viewing software that uses the ZIM format. They offer a list of pre-compiled files that can be loaded onto your preferred storage medium. Note that large files (>4GB) will need to be split on filesystems such as FAT.

This Wiki's Backup

Install Gentoo wiki viewed offline in XOWA

A backup of this wiki is now available here, this includes all images, pages, and a database backup (excluding user account data) and is suited for offline viewing with xowa. A backup of the wiki is generated nightly.

Alternatively you can scrape the wiki yourself, using Wikiteam's mediawiki scripts:
$ sudo apt-get install python2 python-kitchen python-requests git p7zip
$ python2 --xml --images

WikiLeaks Backups

WikiLeaks release insurance files from time to time to secure forthcoming files. These insurance files are encrypted and no passwords have yet become available.

All wikileaks torrents can be found here.

If the password is ever released ("Whatever happens, even if there's video; it was murder"), the files are encrypted via OpenSSL file encryption.

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