Example of a tripfag. Note the exclamation mark.

Tripfags are users who choose to forsake their anonymity and adopt a username, or tripcode. Tripfagging is also a verb, to post as a tripfag.

Those who tripfag do so for myriad reasons, including, but not limited to:

Those who tripfag for the first two reasons are generally tolerable, but may dip into the third aspect. The third type of tripfag can range from hilariously amusing to downright aggravating.

How to Tripfag

Tripfagging on 4chan is a simple affair. In the "name" field, type whatever you'd like the first part

An example of how to tripfag and how the password affects the part after the actual tripcode part.

of the trip be, then type the octothorpe key (#), followed by a password. But the actual trip (the part after the exclamation mark) is randomly generated from your password.

For those who want a custom tripcode, there's Tripcode Explorer and MTY Tripcode Explorer Tripcode Explorer can be run via CPU, while MTY can run via the GPU, greatly speeding up tripcode time. The use of both is beyond the wiki page, but more info can be found here .

List of notable 4chan /g/ Tripfags

This list is by no means conclusive and as such will be updated periodically whenever a noteworthy tripfag arises.

Tyrone offers tripcode advice

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