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The Chink shit general (/csg/) is a general thread of /g/, in which people discuss the no-name or obscurely branded cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

For purchase recommendations, see everyday carry items, phones, and other electronic and computer goods.

Websites to buy cheap shit

Warning: Beware of customs and duty fees. Even though you won't run into them ~90% of the time, read up on your country's import fees and legislation. Most of the time, however, the stuff you're buying from China is so cheap, it simply won't reach the threshold for taxation, and the more expensive stuff may slip through anyway. Sellers will often also help you avoid fees without asking.
Warning: Recently there have been users adding referral links to products listed on the wiki. Make certain that you are not clicking on these links ( and more) or alternatively, find the products on Ali, Gear, &c on your own. If you spot any, please feel free to remove them.

Each website has their advantages and drawbacks, if there are any notable ones you want to add, please let me know. There is no one-stop shop for everything.

A word on price comparison tools

There are three main direct from China price comparison websites. Pandacheck, Chinaprices, and Chinaprice. It is highly recommend NOT to use Chinaprices. About half of the stores they list are known to be outright scams or to take part in many unethical practices such as refusing to repair DOA products. So if you must, use However; in general it is recommended to manually price compare or ask the thread. These comparison tools rarely find the correct lowest prices from all the different Chinese stores and use affiliate links. It can perhaps be used to give you a rough idea of the websites who charge the most to weed them out, and then you can manually price compare to find the best prices. Be aware that all links on price comparison websites are affiliate links.

It is recommended to try out several websites, and stick with them if you've had good experiences.

Bulk orders/Wholesale

Note: It can seem ridiculous, but in the very competitive Chinese online shopping market, many sellers will have items on non-wholesale prices AT or very close to wholesale prices. This means that the prices on Alibaba and Dhgate are not necessarily advantageous. Wholesale websites rarely have free shipping, they usually ship with DHL.

Not recommended for getting individual items. You will need to manually contact sellers and chat with them each time and possibly use wire transfers instead of CCs.

Chinese national websites

You will probably need an agent to buy anything on there (unless you contact the seller in Chinese and negotiate international shipping with him or Taobao Cargo). The commissions for agents are generally less than 8%. It might be worth it for some more expensive products. Use a translator to read product information or to enter search terms in Chinese.

Note: When buying multiple items, assuming you selected cargo shipping, each item you bought will be transported to the respective shipment company's warehouse where it will be consolidated and shipped to you in one package.
Note: HowtoTao is quite helpful, especially if you run into any trouble when ordering. There are many articles about how to purchase, return, query the sellers etc on it

Taobao Agents

You can sometimes get away with ordering from Taobao directly, especially if you can speak basic Chinese, but that option may not be for everyone. Thankfully, there are many agents out there to choose from and some will go out of their way to make the process as convenient for you as possible. You can have the agent ask the sellers questions for you, if required. Usually, the agents will take a picture of your goods and show them to you before you either choose to go ahead with shipping it out of China or returning it from the agent's warehouse. To save shipping costs, you can also ask the agent to strip the boxes and packaging material to reduce weight.

Shipping methods

Shipping Method Typical Time to Arrival (days) Description
Seller's shipping method Varies Slowest option on Aliexpress. Up to two months shipping time. If you don't receive your goods after that time period you can get a refund. oftentimes untracked. Sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised and get your product in a week or two. But since the seller doesn't list the method, you'll never know.
AliExpress Standard Shipping Varies Could be handled by any of the logstics providers that AliExpress uses ( so your mileage may vary with this one.
Sinotrans 7-14 days If you're lucky, this is one of the providers that will be handling your AliExpress Standard Shipping. Generally quite fast, arriving in a week or two, with full China based and domestic tracking. Should arrive around the 9-10 day mark, with some luck.
Belgium Post 7-14 days GearBest likes to use this one if you're Europe based. Presumably, they ship it off to Belgium using another shipping service before reshipping it to your destination country. Takes around 1-2 weeks, but usually closer to one week.
Sweden Post, Wishpost, Swisspost, Singapore Post 14-30 days Generally piss slow and untracked. These are often the default free shipping methods on many websites.
China Post Registered Air Mail 7-14 days Generally 1-2 weeks. Tracking may freeze after the package has left China.
China Post Ground 30 days The method usually used when the seller lists "seller's shipping method". Can take over a month.
China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus 7-30 days Anywhere from a week to a month. Your mileage may vary greatly with this one. Most should arrive within two weeks, however.
EMS (Express Mail Service) 7 days Expensive but should get there within a week.
SAL (Surface Air Lifted) 10-14 days Week and a half to two weeks. Generally a bit cheaper than EMS.
DHL and Fedex 2-5 days Very quick, very expensive. Most likely to sting you for customs charges.
ePacket 7-14 days Started off as US only but has now expanded to Australia, Canada , France, Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and the UK. Generally much faster than China Post, and oftentimes free.
SunYou Economic Air Mail 30 days One of the much slower shipping options, which you'll want to avoid unless you're okay with waiting even longer. It's not unsual for items to take a month or more with this. Some anons report their items taking up to three months to arrive or never turning up at all. It may be worth the extra dollar for China Post or Yanwen.
Yanwen Economic Air Mail 7-30 days Reasonably fast in most cases. About the same as China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus.
Yanwen Express 7-14 days One of the faster shipping methods. Items should arrive in 1-2 weeks, but generally about the 9-10 day mark. Can be tracked at

Use info about these shipping methods to help you decide which seller you want to purchase from. For example if a seller sells a product for 20 cents more and offers China Post Registered Air Mail instead of the unknown "seller's shipping method".

Recommended tracking site:

General buying tips

IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then it very well could be. Ask in the thread for feedback.

  • - The UI language can be switched between German and English.

Some shopping sites offer referral bonuses for getting people to click on your links for the site and make a purchase. So-called cashback websites can allow you to get a portion of the money made from a purchase back by giving you their own link and sending you a cut of their profit. The exact amount you get back will vary between stores and cashback services, but percentages as high as 10% can be found for AliExpress as an example - you'll likely want to shop around to figure out what cashback service is ideal given how much they pay out and in what currency. More information is available here. One added bonus of using a cashback service is that it prevents shills from getting money from your purchase if you've previously clicked on a referral link.

Other knicknacks

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