Like 4chan is a ripoff of 2chan, 8chan (.onion) (also known as 8ch, infinitechan, fullchan, and cripplechan) is now arguably the coat-tail rider of 4chan (which is ironic because 2channel, which 2chan is a spinoff of, hosts 8chan's servers as the "international 2channel"). It is the bi-product of a crippled midget the 8chan's userbase have named "Hotwheels" who conceptualized it during one of his shroom sessions. Hotwheels didn't like how imageboards like Wizardchan and 4chon were run by admins who banned people left and right. His response to this was creating a chan where anyone could make and moderate their own board. Originally a small chan, it has been heavily populated by pissed off ex4channers, the biggest spike (or "exodus") being caused by the deletion of GamerGate threads on 4chan. Some 8chan users will tell you it's much better than 4chan, and some 4chan users will tell you the opposite. This page is meant as a somewhat neutral article to give newfriends an idea of what "fullchan" or "cripplechan" is and whether they want to check it out or steer the fuck clear of it.

How the 8chan system works

8chan was originally owned by Hotwheels, and is now owned by and hosted by N.T. Technology, the company that runs 2channel. 8chan inherits many features from 4chan and 4chan X, and a few from Reddit, namely board creation and thread inlining. Almost all boards are created, owned and managed by users, not the administration.


Users that create boards can greatly customize them (like by enabling IDs or adding a custom theme), and boards are ranked on the board list by how many unique IPs have posted on the board in the last three days. The only globally owned boards are /newsplus/, a news board, and /delete/, an archive of DMCA notices. /sudo/ is not a global board, but is owned by the admin, and is the meta board.

Global Mods

Unlike 4chan and Reddit, global mods are only allowed to ban people who post illegal content (and just that) despite how many shitposters and 4chan converts beg and beg. Board creators are limited to moderating the boards they've created or claimed, and can recruit board volunteers to moderate their boards. They can be promoted to global mods if their board reaches the top 25 and the staff believes they can be trusted. If a global mod oversteps their bounds, they lose their position (but not necessarily their board).

Board Claiming

Also unlike Reddit, if the board owner doesn't log in for two weeks, the board goes on claim.html to be claimed by another person. Board claims have to be made through e-mail in a manual process.

Illegal Content

Illegal content is not allowed, and the Dost test is used to determine whether something is child pornography and should be removed. 8chan complies with properly made DMCA requests, and all requests that are made are posted on /delete/.

Advantages of 8chan over 4chan


Disadvantages of 8chan over 4chan


Due to its nature as a 4chan-like website, it has been the center of repeated controversy. This is an incomplete list of controversy events that may never be complete.

Australian revenge porn

In late 2014, a woman reported that her nude photos were posted to a pornographic board. Hotwheels said he couldn't find them, then the woman threatened to file suite. Afterwards, it turned out that this whole hullabaloo was over the fact someone had taken a screenshot of their revenge porn folders, and it had her name on them. That Ausfag got her 15 minutes of fame on 2 entire newspapers though!


Hotwheels once released the Private key to the Tor site, causing him to have to re-register the onion domain. He accidentally copied and pasted it into the IRC channel #8chan. The Tor service has been down many times because site owner Jim Watkins does not like the anonymity.


In 2015, Hotwheels sold 8chan to 2channel. This caused some controversy because 2channel has had a history of data mining. 2channel claims that it was Hiroyuki Nishimura, who now owns 4chan after moot sold it to him around the same time. This has caused a minor cross-chan controversy, with 4chan saying it was the other members of 2channel, and 2channel claiming it was Hiroyuki.

After the 2channel concerns, a medium article was made by a man claiming to be Josh, then-co owner of 8chan. The article claims that Josh left 8chan because it was being forced to become a NSA honeypot after numerous undisclosed legal battles. While disproved later in the day, it continued to circulate a large number of boards with people thinking it is factual despite it's obvious falsehood (it attempts to say Fedora itself is a front for the NSA, and clarifies rumors that never existed in the first place).

Infinity Next

Infinity Next started development in mid-2015. Designed by 8chan co-owner Josh (n-tech), it was to be the fix for the problems with the previous board software, simply called Infinity. However, Josh betrayed both Hotwheels, and the userbase, and instead of improving the existing code he decided to follow-through with his "vision" of bringing a modern era into chans. Repeatedly, Josh showed his arrogance with coding, and after several failed attempts, one after another, to migrate the main site into the Next software, he kept pushing the "official" release date. A number of new chans were made as proposed alt-chans, most notably Endchan. Infinity Next was nicknamed Infinity Never.

On the 16th of January, 2016, a thread was made on /g/ accusing 8chan of being a honeypot, on the basis of logging every image you expand, and every board you visit for an unknown amount of time, alongside your plain text IP address. Josh claimed that the reason this was happening was due to beta testing. Josh responded by saying:

"Th[e] [IP Logging] was because I was debugging. I didn't expect people to be browsing /hebe/ on the fucking beta board"

-- Josh on #/tech/ via Rizon

On the 25th of January, Josh finally quit and Infinity Next was scrapped. A new medium article was made by Hotwheels calling him out.

Three days later Josh was claiming that hotwheels taking the AGPL licensed code from him is a violation of copyright agreement, which it was not. His primary argument was that the AGPL was never tested in US Courts, so he could impose his own rules over the code despite him choosing the license.

On the 9th of February, Hotwheels announced on Twitter that he purchased the previously unused Endchan.pw domain for "2 dollarydoos". Endchan's admin jokingly claimed he is now the co-owner, though he has no affiliation with the site outside of owning the domain.

Infinity Next is now stable and works, more or less, on an imageboard called Nextchan.

Joshua Conner Moon

IP logging, honeypotchan and Tor

In April, it was discovered that the 8chan server logs all incoming and outgoing IP addresses due to a PHP error, even if the user does not post. This was claimed to be patched by the 2channel system "Alacrity". This did nothing, however. It was discovered that in blatant defiance of their own privacy policy, manually selected fragments of IP logs were stored that date back as far as 2013 when the site had its beginnings. Most notably, there was a long list of poster IPs stored in plain text from the board /cuteboys/ from 2014. Next, it was discovered that the Tor site was purposefully broken to discourage users from using it. Finally, it was discovered that Hotwheels was working with Jim on implementing a pay-service that allows posting over tor, no longer allowing tor access to everyone. It is obvious this is a honeypot. The IP logging was fully documented Here.

A comical infographic depicting Jim Watkins as a "Happy Merchant"

Hotwheels fired

On 12 May, 2016 Jim of 2channel fired Hotwheels from his own site, putting him and his son in charge of the site.

Official statement by Ron "Fred is stepping down as administrator of 8chan and I will be replacing him." http://pastebin.com/DipC4bcj

"It was a unanimous decision between Fred, Jim, and Ron. Fred will still be working on the site doing technical work like adding new features, fixing bugs, maintaining codebase, etc. He has not left the organization and you can still reach out to him through his usual methods of contact."

Various VO/BO banned

An 8chan "Bulletin" showing the outcome of the hostile takeover

Starting on May 12, various BOs were banned or ousted from the site, making the boards up to grabs. This also caused many BO/VOs to publicly disown the site, and made them leave.

With the demotion of Hotwheels, Jim and Ron (Owner of 8ch.net and his son, CodeMonkeyZ, 2ch curator) took over copypaste, Hotwheel's mod account. They are attempting to purge the pedophilia associated with the site for both moral and business reasons. Any who criticized Jim directly on /operate/ and /v/ were globally banned for 6 weeks with "no reason". Many large IP range bans have been issued.

Jim tried this radical change without even discussing it with the Global Volunteers, and there was talk of globals quitting. lowcard, global volunteer, co-administrator, and /b/ owner, immediately resigned. Jim held an interview on /v/ and explained how he wanted to remove pedo, eventually Jim showing how overwhelming the job of admin is and entering full damage control.

April leaks

On 1 April, 2017, someone used an exploit in 8chan's software to gain access to the server, used it to delete the database and take the site down, and later leaked a lot of data copied from the server. Among other things, this revealed the existence of Sunshine.

Sunshine was a system that (unsuccessfully) indefinitely stored the IP addresses of posts. For each post, a copy of the post together with its IP address was encrypted and inserted into a table. The entries could only be decrypted using a private key stored on a different computer. This was done in response to a law enforcement request for the IP address that posted a thread threatening a school shooting, which was received after the thread had already 404ed and the IP address had been deleted from the database. Sunshine was used successfully only once.

Because of the incomplete documentation of PHP's openssl_public_encrypt function, encryption of long posts failed, and they were not recorded. Sunshine never even worked properly.

Sunshine was removed when the site was restored. In response to the attack a partial overhaul of the software was started, and it was renamed to OpenIB. 8chan no longer stores plain IP addresses, and hashes them before inserting them into the database. The hashing uses a salt that is replaced periodically, which has the side effect of resetting all bans.

Software for 8chan

8chan Alternatives

16chan, dead. Josh/owner killed it.



Nextchan, used to run on Josh/Null's Infinity Next but now runs on Blazechan

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