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82 Why do Hindus believe in cremation instead of burial? 2014-06-18T20:14:31.540

72 Why can we eat 'living' plants but not 'living' animals? 2014-06-19T06:36:00.167

67 Is our destiny predetermined? If yes, then why do our actions affect our karma? 2014-07-26T10:49:51.973

52 What is the significance of ॐ (Om/Aum)? 2014-07-03T10:09:35.980

50 What were the seven curses said by the goddesses to Lord Vishnu? 2014-07-08T07:55:24.420

50 What exactly happens at end of Kali Yuga. Will the world be destroyed? 2014-08-26T03:40:10.907

49 How did the Vedas in Hinduism come into existence? 2014-07-05T09:34:22.393

46 Why is Shiva primarily worshipped in a linga form? 2014-06-19T07:10:56.233

46 How were the Trimurthi born? 2014-06-20T11:36:57.767

44 Why is lord Ganesha worshipped first before any puja? 2014-06-20T07:14:54.003

44 Is the ultimate purpose of life only to serve God? 2014-09-02T21:47:01.053

42 Are there any references to Gravity in Hindu Scriptures? 2015-10-21T04:36:50.703

39 Why are menstruating women (at least in the Brahmin community) asked to be separate from the family for three days? 2014-06-18T19:09:48.443

39 Does Hinduism forbid sexual intercourse before marriage? 2014-07-08T19:00:55.423

38 Why are temples devoted to Brahma so rare? 2014-06-20T22:51:38.107

38 Why doesn't Shiva worship anybody where as Vishnu worships him in all his incarnations? 2014-08-03T11:58:31.177

37 Was Lord Rama a non-vegetarian? 2014-07-11T05:52:03.143

37 Is Jesus an avatar of Lord Vishnu? 2014-07-22T08:07:56.620

37 How were all 100 Kauravas born together? 2014-10-01T05:04:01.133

36 Are there any strong evidence that Hinduism religion is an ancient one? 2014-08-07T11:16:14.247

35 What is the origin of the word "Hindu"? 2014-06-19T01:56:56.770

35 Who are the children of Vishnu and Lakshmi? 2014-07-01T10:51:20.710

34 Why do Hindus remove their footwear before entering temples? 2014-07-01T07:23:41.860

34 What does Hinduism say about masturbation? 2014-07-02T09:51:17.807

34 Is Moksha a permanent state? 2014-07-30T06:50:44.257

33 Why didn't Lord Krishna marry Radha? 2014-06-21T07:56:27.920

32 How do I find the right Guru? 2014-07-26T05:51:44.577

32 In which month of pregnancy a soul enters in to a new body(foetus)? 2015-02-17T09:24:02.187

31 Why do some Hindus, especially brahmins, not eat onion or garlic? 2014-06-19T07:34:44.203

31 Is Hinduism strictly polytheistic or are the gods considered to be eventually one entity? 2014-06-19T08:25:58.287

31 Is Gautama Buddha an avatar of Lord Vishnu? 2014-06-19T21:37:03.360

31 What exactly was the Chakra-Vyuha or Padma-Vyuha in the Mahabharata, and why did Abhimanyu fail to break it? 2014-06-27T19:23:25.660

31 Is the Anukramani index of sages and deities of the Rig Veda available online? 2014-07-29T04:52:39.740

30 Who is Govindaraja and how is he related to Venkateshwara? 2014-06-19T21:31:24.653

30 How did Goddess Sita protect herself in Ravana's palace? 2014-07-08T11:17:04.837

30 Are there any temples for Matsya, Kurma, and Varaha avatars? 2014-07-14T15:10:23.960

30 What is the story behind the Brahmasthra? Was it actually ever fired? 2014-08-30T19:38:05.247

30 Did Ramayana occur 1.6 million years ago? 2015-10-15T04:17:25.077

29 Reference to the 7 chakras in Hinduism 2014-08-07T16:23:46.420

29 What are some online sources to get unabridged Hindu Scriptures or to learn Hinduism? 2016-10-13T10:32:36.237

28 What is the story of Nara and Narayana's brothers Hari and Krishna? 2014-12-08T05:21:26.533

28 Did the Mahabharata and the Ramayana happen in the current Yuga cycle in the current Manvantara? 2015-05-03T16:57:23.193

27 What happens after death? 2014-07-10T11:41:00.437

26 Why Shiva (an asectic god) has family while most other Gods don't? 2014-06-24T10:32:07.973

26 Why didn't Krishna ever visit Vrindavan again? 2014-10-02T07:22:07.727

26 Why did Vyasa depict different Supreme Gods in different Puranas? 2015-07-30T14:19:59.200

26 How was the universe created? 2015-09-11T07:44:28.960

25 What is the significance of Murthi pooja (idol worship)? 2014-06-20T16:03:58.167

25 Was Ravana actually a villain? Or was he a devotee of Lord Vishnu? 2014-07-12T12:42:33.143

25 Is organ donation allowed? Have any Hindu acharyas commented on this practice? 2014-09-08T09:30:22.593


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