High-power wireless network adapter?



I'm looking for a high-power wireless network adapter like Alfa products but more powerful. The Alfa AWUS036H is said to be the most powerful one, though its TX power is a little less than Alfa's latest wireless network adapters.

I need a wireless network adapter that has a TX power output of 3W or more and uses USB ports for connection. I'm going to use it on an omni-directional 10W antenna, and to offset the signal loss due to the length of the cable I need a powerful adapter. I don't want to use wireless amplifiers, so the adapter itself should generate the 3W or more.

I've found some 3 or 4 Watt wireless access points from brands like MikroTik but they use Ethernet cables instead of USB. They also operate as a totally different network device and they can't be controlled directly using a computer, so they have many limitations.


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3Which country are you interested in? It's likely that the Alfa is the most powerful legal wifi adapter you can find.Mark 2015-09-12T22:32:02.793

1I'd rather not talk about its legal perspectives because there are many hardware that might be legal in one country and illegal in another. I'm just looking for hardware recommendation and will discuss legal issues later on another SE site. maybe Bolivia is a good choice, just maybe.Conspiria 2015-09-13T05:39:26.103


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kenorb 2015-09-13T10:48:54.420

1This device claims to be 5.8w, but beware, It comes from China, and is probably not 5.8w. The same site (DX) also has other similar devices, and you can probably find similar things on Ebay. As others have said, it's probably not legal anywhere, so you won't find it on Amazon or similar. Be careful when buying from China..JonasCz 2015-09-13T14:41:05.987

1@JonasCz Thanks for your effort. but here is the thing. first of all this is a totally Fake product because 1. Ralink 3070 chipset does not operate at 5Watt. 2. a 58dBi directional antenna has a coverage distance of around 60 KM, not 3 KM. 3. a 5800 mW network adapter is worth higher than 30$ regardless of whatever it's made of. I really would buy this product if I knew somehow that it is real but well we all know it isn't.Conspiria 2015-09-13T17:05:04.357

1Yep, that's true. There may also be the possibility of doing a hardware mod to an existing wifi device to increase the power, that would only be doable if you have knowlege about these things and know if it can be done (I don't). If you have signigicant signal loss in the cable, it might make sense to use a longer USB cable and a shorter RF cable to reduce losses. Also a more directional antenna, but you already seem to know all this.JonasCz 2015-09-13T17:36:05.227

1@JonasCz I don't honestly know much about these things, just to solve my problems. hardware mod can't be possible with that price tag. because a standalone 4W wireless amp is about 700$, you know the rest. yea I'm already using the maximum length of 5M but the USB cable isn't waterproof, nor is the adapter so they can't be put outside. Tbh these stuff I'm looking for are great but rare.Conspiria 2015-09-13T19:26:28.870

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