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57 Tips on lawn maintenance and weed control 2010-07-22T12:17:38.187

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48 How long before poisons like Round-up become inert? 2011-06-08T18:52:32.497

47 How often should you mow a growing lawn? 2011-06-29T12:26:21.920

44 How do you safely and effectively stop a cat from pooping in your yard? 2011-06-08T21:38:24.383

42 What factors affect the spiciness of jalapeƱos? 2011-06-08T19:16:53.907

42 Crop rotation theory v. practice 2011-06-09T22:39:03.227

42 How hot can my compost get? 2011-06-10T12:58:59.860

41 How to prevent avocado from drying out indoors? 2011-06-08T19:49:02.563

41 What's an organic way to discourage crabgrass from a large "lawn"? 2011-07-20T21:11:03.183

40 How often do you need to turn the compost heap? 2011-06-08T20:01:33.547

39 How do I encourage lawn seeds to germinate successfully? 2011-06-08T18:41:21.690

39 Does unused compost keep on getting better and better? 2011-06-09T16:53:55.250

38 When should I pile more dirt onto a growing potato plant? 2011-06-09T18:53:19.827

38 How should I speed up the decomposition of sickly sweet smelling giant compost heap? 2011-06-20T00:17:11.003

37 How do I know when and how much to aerate my lawn? 2011-06-08T20:23:27.020

36 How do I work with soil that has a high clay content? 2011-06-09T03:03:53.080

36 Is it possible to kill a large area of weeds organically/naturally? 2011-03-08T18:57:31.477

35 What is an effective organic pesticide to use against aphids or cabbage loopers? 2011-06-08T19:35:38.120

35 Is rain water better than tap water for plants? 2011-06-18T13:19:53.763

35 What is the best organic way to defeat slugs? 2011-06-25T09:52:56.770

34 What is a good grass replacement plant? 2011-06-09T06:41:27.153

34 What are some natural ways of killing ground ivy (creeping charlie)? 2011-06-09T12:50:44.027

34 Do tomatoes really need support to grow? 2015-06-10T11:37:12.450

32 How can I revive a tree that's been stripped of bark? 2011-06-08T18:37:45.593

32 Making a yard that's settled more level? 2011-06-08T22:38:50.520

32 What's the best mulch material for a vegetable garden? 2011-06-11T01:48:38.997

32 Why did my carrots split in a way that looks like legs? 2011-06-23T00:14:33.233

32 My lettuce is flowering - does that mean it has bolted? 2011-07-08T20:24:45.043

32 Are household LED bulbs suitable as supplemental light for plants? 2013-03-19T20:51:33.987

31 Does eating fruits and vegetables watered with greywater affect your health? 2011-06-09T01:01:17.533

31 Can aloe be grown indoors, in an office with artificial light only? 2011-06-14T08:46:06.373

31 How do I compost a large pile of branches and heavy shrub clippings? 2011-06-23T22:01:36.303

31 How can I tell if a plant given to me is patented? 2012-04-07T02:18:43.990

30 Is it safe to grow food plants near the road? 2011-06-08T18:42:43.833

30 How do I grow a usable vegetable garden indoors? 2011-06-09T16:48:06.677

30 Ants in my garden: good or bad? 2011-06-15T20:26:51.667

30 How efficient are stump removal chemicals? 2011-08-26T14:55:06.320

30 Can my lawn be saved or is it time to dig it up and re-sod? 2011-09-12T18:21:40.953

30 How long does it take for the compost to ripen? 2012-01-04T11:08:35.540

30 Hugely different results storing apples from different trees? 2016-02-24T13:04:43.977

29 What's the most effective way to harvest rhubarb? 2011-06-08T18:37:53.583

29 Ant colony in my compost bin: are they beneficial? 2011-07-11T10:57:30.120

29 Any benefit to watering whole plant (leaves and all) instead of just the soil/roots? 2011-07-11T17:59:52.787

28 Is it wise to reuse potting soil? 2011-06-09T17:19:47.700


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