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469 How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat? 2010-08-10T16:58:52.993

365 Is Angry Birds deterministic? 2011-12-29T16:30:31.097

319 What's the most efficient Minecraft mining strategy? 2010-10-01T15:49:20.203

306 Where is the "impossible space" in Portal 2? 2011-04-22T00:43:22.387

272 My head keeps falling off. What can I do? 2011-11-22T05:10:24.710

271 How can I kill adorable animals? 2011-06-11T04:41:12.640

253 Why do video game framerates need to be so much higher than TV and cinema framerates? 2011-06-29T01:06:07.453

244 Why did you have to blow into an NES cartridge to make it work? 2011-01-20T21:29:13.237

235 Why is 3333360 the maximum score in Pac-Man? 2014-10-01T19:28:39.553

215 Is it dangerous to go extreme pig riding in a thunderstorm? 2011-04-29T17:03:13.757

198 How do GameShark codes work? 2012-07-15T04:19:37.510

188 How do I continue downloading a game in Steam while playing? 2010-07-19T22:06:23.227

188 How can I reach Whimsyshire, the secret level in Diablo III? 2012-05-14T23:07:20.243

181 Is it possible to jump over the flag-pole in Super Mario Bros? 2010-07-07T21:40:45.043

178 How do I lick a plane? 2014-04-03T09:16:03.670

177 How can I move an installed game from one Steam library folder to another? 2012-12-17T19:18:11.340

175 Is a horse actually faster than running? 2011-11-15T14:35:56.313

167 How can I keep monsters out of my nether regions? 2011-01-14T20:32:37.787

166 How do I move Steam games to a new computer without re-downloading them? 2009-08-01T23:52:44.773

153 Is No Man's Sky actually multiplayer? 2016-08-09T17:54:46.607

149 What can I do with Dragon Bones and Scales? 2011-11-12T06:53:39.283

149 What is the terminal velocity of a sheep? 2014-07-31T07:32:19.683

145 How do I increase the maximum amount of weight my character can carry before they become encumbered? 2011-11-11T06:21:59.970

141 Can I give the naked stalking courier his clothes back? 2011-11-21T16:49:06.537

141 Are the Draugr apologizing to me? 2012-02-06T17:13:11.180

139 Is Minecraft Turing-Complete? 2011-04-17T00:34:08.573

137 In Skyrim, what is the point of placing items into other people's inventories (reverse pick-pocketing)? 2016-06-01T05:38:25.663

134 Besides practicing, what are some great ways to become a better player? 2010-07-20T07:20:47.443

129 Uhh... I got drunk and trashed a temple. How do I pick up the mess? 2011-11-12T22:16:04.693

128 How do I find my follower if and when they leave me? 2011-11-12T06:51:20.627

128 Is it possible to hit a mine on first click? 2017-08-02T05:23:49.177

127 Does it make a difference to CP if you feed candies before or after evolving? 2016-07-07T11:26:43.977

125 What build order should I use for Zerg in StarCraft 2? 2010-07-07T20:59:08.690

124 What does each SPECIAL stat in Fallout Shelter do? 2015-06-16T18:50:56.270

121 What is the minimum safe spacing between trees to contain forest fires? 2010-11-05T06:45:07.727

120 How do I disable Civ 5's opening movie? 2010-09-22T11:34:27.003

120 How do I deliver a baby? 2015-06-15T22:27:00.530

118 How do I do a Barrel Roll? 2010-08-05T21:58:15.750

118 How does Skyrim determine if a dungeon is "cleared" 2011-11-11T11:39:17.163

118 Which doge represents what number? 2014-03-17T17:47:33.967

116 Do Blasts Pass Through Obsidian? 2011-04-24T22:48:59.173

113 How do I remove a Steam game from my library? 2011-09-13T20:11:36.127

113 Where are all the random dungeons? 2012-05-15T14:57:39.070

110 What's different in Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut? 2013-10-25T10:00:40.097

109 How can I level water? 2010-11-05T23:14:34.043

109 Can I save my weighted companion cube in room 17? 2011-11-05T00:30:17.777

109 Is there any way to hide your Steam status from others? 2012-11-26T21:09:11.897

109 Can I ride the unicorn? If not, can I kill the unicorn? 2016-03-31T19:43:40.577

108 Why do pro gamers use two pairs of headphones? 2012-03-04T14:36:46.413

107 Can I permanently kill important people? 2011-11-11T00:44:21.627


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