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69 Why do glass windows still exist? (Why haven't they been replaced by plastics?) 2016-02-13T06:20:28.890

49 Why do cars have mirrors for rear view rather than cameras? 2016-03-16T07:19:14.157

46 Why is kVA not the same as kW? 2015-03-02T17:45:28.383

45 How was Volkswagen able to trick the lab pollution test? 2015-09-28T13:58:53.050

41 My customer wants to use my products to do something unsafe. What is my ethical obligation? 2015-04-18T15:17:38.743

39 Is it possible for a bicycle chainwheel to have a fractional number of teeth? 2016-01-25T14:32:16.590

29 How fast does solid waste fall in vertical drain pipes? 2015-02-04T12:47:47.763

29 What is the purpose of these diversions in a natural gas line? 2015-02-09T22:48:52.813

28 Is it possible to "pump" a powder? 2015-01-20T18:35:59.493

26 Why dig out and then fill in before building a large structure? 2015-03-06T09:02:15.897

26 Transmitting power over long distances what is better AC or DC? 2018-03-07T12:05:36.320

25 Which is Worse: Car vs. Car or Car vs. Wall? 2015-06-08T23:54:06.047

24 Is it possible to build a perfectly spherical Prince Rupert's drop? 2015-01-21T15:10:36.230

23 How to quantify martial arts strikes? 2015-02-20T01:07:56.827

23 Is it possible to build an air compressor with no moving parts? 2015-05-14T16:46:46.883

22 What are the pros and cons of a traffic circle versus a traffic light intersection? 2015-01-21T02:42:04.263

22 From an engineering point of view what are the downsides of a too accurate model? 2017-11-29T16:31:22.543

21 Why don't hydroelectric plants use cascades of turbines instead of single turbines? 2015-02-26T12:17:55.497

21 Why would you launch a large ship by dropping it sideways? 2016-02-21T00:46:55.283

20 What is a reason that handlebars fit to a motorcycle and steering wheel fit to a car? 2015-02-08T09:56:35.350

20 How much can Protactinium degrade the efficiency of the Thorium fuel cycle? 2015-02-10T20:21:35.900

20 Why are rear wheels not placed at the extreme rear of a bus? 2015-04-08T21:53:54.640

20 What is the purpose of these "steps" in rivers? 2015-07-02T20:42:34.323

19 How to know whether the flow is supersonic in a nozzle? 2015-01-26T17:56:37.703

19 Why are earthfills fully covered in concrete where they join bridges? 2015-04-02T12:53:56.237

19 How are increasingly accurate machines made? 2015-07-20T04:43:09.243

19 Why would a train automatically derail if a signal is passed at danger? 2016-06-17T09:33:47.453

19 Windmills in empty fields. Why no trees? 2016-11-23T12:51:59.090

18 Sizing a pressure safety valve for two-phase flow 2015-01-25T06:31:07.680

18 What makes suspension bridges unsuitable for railways? 2015-02-03T23:43:30.253

18 Why doesn't a lightning strike destroy the lightning rod? 2015-02-22T19:21:19.357

18 Why do car wheels have holes? 2015-05-19T12:02:10.323

17 Would it make sense to have a 12V lighting circuit in a house? 2015-01-27T03:34:07.273

17 What are the major differences between Engineering degrees and Engineering Technology degrees in terms of employability? 2015-02-02T14:52:52.810

17 How to make smoke for a small wind tunnel? 2015-02-03T02:48:51.363

17 Does a roadway bridge experience more load when vehicles are parked or when they are moving? 2015-02-17T14:47:53.910

17 Why do cars turn by turning the front wheel? 2015-08-28T20:52:38.440

17 Why does the Channel Tunnel enter the ground around 10 km from the coast? 2015-12-06T03:14:43.013

17 Why does it take so long to restart a nuclear power plant? 2016-02-12T15:18:07.183

17 Why did steam locomotives not transfer power by cogwheels? 2018-03-01T18:00:08.887

16 How are passive houses made in very hot regions (like Saudi Arabia)? 2015-01-20T22:03:47.020

16 What is the most efficient means of warming a building with a high ceiling? 2015-01-23T18:05:35.530

16 How do engineers really use numerical simulation? 2015-01-24T05:36:09.180

16 How to design a house to be cooled passively? 2015-01-27T22:28:43.523

16 How does a traffic light sense the proximity of vehicles? 2015-02-01T07:04:55.137

16 Meshing of complex geometrical domains 2015-02-04T16:41:32.170

16 How many train passes can railway tracks endure? 2015-04-03T16:09:37.653

16 Is there a method to determine the runoff for arid areas in developing countries? 2016-04-22T09:39:04.877

15 How does width and thickness affect the stiffness of steel plate? 2015-01-21T03:15:17.020

15 Can we change steel properties by application of magnetic field while quenching? 2015-01-24T16:22:45.257


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