"Alternating between coffee and tea is" or "Alternating between coffee and tea are"


If I use this

Alternating between coffee and tea is good for my health.


Alternating between coffee and tea are good for my health

Which is correct?


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Alternating is a gerund noun (meaning the act of switching back and forth). So it's a singular subject, regardless of the fact that this particular "alternating" is further modified by the (syntactically optional) element between coffee and tea.

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1Thanks for the reply! Now I understand it's a gerund. I had a hunch that it'd be singular as well. This clears it up. – ZePhilosopher – 2016-07-14T17:27:37.583

I wasn't sure whether you'd understand the concept of "gerund = noun", but I figured it should be reasonable for me not to bother adding a lot more detail unless it was necessary. Short and to the point is often best for questions like this, and if any future visitors don't find the answer enlightening they can always post a comment requesting clarification. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica – 2016-07-14T18:01:06.020