To respond positively


Suppose the following scenario; which one of the listed answers would work here? '1' or '2' or both sound natural to you as natives?

Person B) Hey Andy, I finally proposed to her!

Person A) Really? Cool; and what was her answer?

Person B)

1) - She had a positive response.

2) - His response was positive.


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  • The object of B's affection is ambiguously gendered. 2) I'd say S/he said 'Yes'!
  • < – StoneyB on hiatus – 2016-07-09T11:51:40.020

    Hi @StoneyB . You were right and sorry for the mistake. I remember once when I was talking to a native, he used such a structure; so my question is that 1) is it possible to answer in this way at all? 2) if yes, which one sounds more natural to you? – A-friend – 2016-07-09T12:40:35.000

    2You need to fix 2), too. ... Neither is particularly "natural": a "positive response" is the sort of phrase you'd use in a technical paper. – StoneyB on hiatus – 2016-07-09T12:51:10.230

    If she were a droid, you could say her response was affirmative.

    – Tᴚoɯɐuo – 2016-07-09T13:30:13.000

    A positive response is optimistic but not Yes. But I would not use it in this kind of situation (maybe, "getting a positive response to a job offer" would be more appropriate). I would go with a simple "Yes", "Maybe", or "No way". Or just go with what she actually said. – user3169 – 2016-07-09T20:50:18.553



    I agree that "His/Her response was positive" is the better of the two.

    However, it kind of sounds formal and stiff.

    In everyday conversation one may just report the action as "He/She said yes".


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    To me "His response was positive" sounds better. I'd like to point out that it would sound even more natural to say "He said yes".

    Eli Richardson

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