Singular or Plural nouns


Could someone please help me with this sentence? I’m having problem with deciding if it’s it should be plural or singular.

I have a blue and red car.


I have a blue and red cars.

Which one is correct? I think it should be car and not cars as we are only talking about one unit.


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2Well... do you have one car that is blue and one car that is red for a total of two cars or do you have one car that is both blue and red? – Catija – 2016-06-30T23:57:47.567

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In your example, you will want to use the singular, I believe you are trying to say

I have a blue car and a red car.
I have a blue and a red car.
I have two cars, one is red and one is blue

The article "a" distinguishes the two different cars.

However, your example

I have a blue and red car.

can mean you have one car and it has blue and red coloring.

I have blue and red cars.

means you have at least one blue car and at least one red car, but may have several of each.


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