Do monosyllabic past participles used as adjectives follow the comparative and superlative rules about adding -er/-est suffixes?


This question showed up in my Writing part of F.C.E. test when I wrote

TV is the most bought electric household appliance

In that moment, I wondered whether boughtest is the correct form instead of most bought.


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Monosyllabicity is not a relevant factor. The least|most adulterated dietary supplements... – Tᴚoɯɐuo – 2016-06-07T13:58:35.943

1I would use "TV is the most often bought/purchased electric household appliance." I would use purchased for expensive items, and bought for things like groceries. – user3169 – 2016-06-07T21:03:22.593



"-Er" and "-est" suffixes are used only for adjectives, not for past or present participle forms of a verb even though they can function as an adjective. For example:

This is a sought after item. ( O )

This is a more sought after item than X. ( O ) This is a sougter after item than X. ( X )

This is the most sought after item. ( O ) This is the soughtest after item. ( X )

Another example:

Boring (or Bored) is derived from the verb to bore.

It is more boring than X. ( O ) It is boringer than X. ( X ).

If you contrast it with the adjective "strong", the difference becomes clearer.

It is stronger than X. ( O ) It is more strong than X (possible but not idiomatic)


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