"I am at home" vs "I am home"


Last night I was watching the movie in which I heard this phrase

"I am home"

Actually, I am looking for explanations.
How can it be possible to say, I am home?

Is it the same like

I am at home

Please explain it to me in details.

I don't know who I am.

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In addition to the question listed above, there is plenty more on the distinction and overlap between home & at home: see Why do people say I am home, Difference between 'home' and 'at home', Stay home or stay at home, and I left them at home.

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Both are correct, though you wouldn't use them in the same context:

Honey, I'm home!

Is a very popular expression which means "I'm back"! In this case, you say I'm home to express that you just arrived.

On the other hand:

Where are you right now?

-I'm at home, what about you?

Is used to describe where you are in a static way. It doesn't serve any other purpose than to locate you.


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I'm home, is it mean, I've arrived at home? – I don't know who I am. – 2016-05-27T06:53:43.743