"Bros." pronunciation: "brothers", /bɹɒs/, or plural of "bro"?


I know that the slang word "bro" is /bɹoʊz/ or /bɹʌz/ in plural.

Then there are groups like Moss Bros. or a band called Bros that people do use /bɹɒs/.

People I see when I Google search this have said that they prefer to pronounce "Bros." in full form.

What's the use consensus?


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2For me, Bros. in a name (in your example "the Moss Brothers") is always spoken as "Brothers". – user3169 – 2016-02-28T04:17:23.023

1I agree with @user3169 , except for rare cases when I'm intentionally saying it in short form either to be silly or to emphasize the abbreviation. I would get annoyed if someone consistently said "bros" instead of "brothers" for this case. – Jason Patterson – 2016-02-28T04:38:56.500



Bros. with a period after it, which is showing it to be an abbreviation such as in a name like your example of Moss Bros., is pronounced Brothers.

However, bro's is also a slang term for brothers, usually meaning close group of friends that feel like brothers, is said as if it's its own word.

Warner Bros. = Warner Brothers
You guys are my bros = You guys are my bros.


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