"The Guest House provide rooms" or "The Guest House provides rooms"?


So what is the correct version? As I remember it should be "provides rooms", but "provide rooms" sounds more English.


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This must be said with provides.

A verb agrees in person and number (singular, plural) with its subject. The subject here is The Guest House (not I or we or you, so 3rd person) and there is only one, so it requires the 3rd person singular form with -s.

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Ok, thanks. You see -- I remembered the correct version. – Adobe – 2013-07-10T13:42:46.543

@Adobe I suspect the plural form "sounds more English" because you have encountered the (mostly British) practice of using the plural with some singular nouns that comprise many individual members - sports teams, for instance. This confounds many foreigners, including Americans like me. – StoneyB on hiatus – 2013-07-10T13:48:42.147

The thing I hate about English tests and the likes -- is that people actually use it in all ways. Then again, I seems to make a mistake in my question: it should be "sounds more English", because it is about "it", and "it" uses verb + s/es. – Adobe – 2013-07-10T13:53:20.713

@Adobe Yes, indeed; but there is a core of uses which everybody observes, and a (mostly) fixed Standard English which will get you through the exams. (And, yes, "sound" is a mistake; but you may remedy it by editing your question.) – StoneyB on hiatus – 2013-07-10T14:15:14.963

What @StoneyB said (in the comment, not the answer). In which context I'll just flag up that The The are a British band, and (in the circumstances! :) that statement seems like perfectly normal English to me.

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Per StoneyB's answer:

The Guest House provides rooms.

is the correct usage. You can use provide with the future simple tense:

The Guest House will provide rooms.

but, the following is incorrect, since The Guest House is a single object:

The Guest House provide rooms.


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