Can these plural and singular forms be exchanged?


Do you work on Sundays?
What do you usually do at the weekend?
(Essential Grammar in Use)

Can the plural and singular forms be exchanged like these?

Do you work on the Sunday?
What do you usually do at weekends?


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1At the weekend and at weekends are BrE. On the weekend and on weekends are AmE. I'm not sure whether work on the Sunday in acceptable in BrE, but it's wrong in AmE. – snailplane – 2013-07-02T08:18:11.640



Yes, you can say on Sunday and on weekends, or at weekends. Informally, or in North American, you could also say "Do you work Sunday(s)?"

On Monday I do yoga.

As said from snailboat, at the weekend is British English, equivalent to on the weekend used in North American English.

The office is closed at the weekend.

The office is closed on the weekend.


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The question "Do you work on Sunday?" sounds like it may be asking about one specific Sunday. The question "Do you usually work on Sunday?", though, unambiguously asks about Sundays in general. – Tanner Swett – 2014-02-16T20:56:51.250