Fastest way to learn fluent ENGLISH


what are the resources and the way to learn fluent English in less amount of time? .i mean ways like watching movies or reading novels etc. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks. But i didn't get what should i do now? – HackChamp – 2015-12-24T05:46:14.440



Although your question is not about the English language per se, some of the best advice I've ever been given is:

Total immersion is usually one of the best ways of learning any language. It can be a trial by fire or a sink or swim scenario, but if you can survive it, it works. Go to a country, speak the language, learn the culture, and communicate. Of course try to find sympathetic native speakers who will help you and hang out with them. Learn as a child learns with an open mind, and ask lot of questions. You may surprise yourself!

When you start to dream in your new language, then you know you are getting there.

Good luck!


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I mean which way is fast i.e is watching movies? or reading novels or just hang out with friends who are fluent in English? Can u guide me – HackChamp – 2015-12-24T04:43:24.677

@HackChamp total immersion is the fastest way. It may not be the easiest, or the most comfortable, but hunger is a great motivator when you need to learn how to order food (for example). When a person learns a second language it is stored in a different place in your brain than your primary language. That's why if you know several languages (French and Russian) and you are looking for a French word, you might think of the Russian one, because they are all secondary to your native language. – Peter – 2015-12-24T04:53:30.373

You should try all the different methods you mention and see which works best for you, it will be different for each individual. There is no silver bullet. It also depends how high your bar is for being fluent. – Peter – 2015-12-24T04:54:47.613