How do I form a superlative like this?


Is "My prefecture have most rainy days in Japan" right?

I mean to say that "The prefecture that I live in is almost every day rainy. There are no other prefecture such a rainy ....."


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You say your prefecture has more rainy days than any other prefecture. You could probably express that fact with this sentence:

It rains more frequently in my prefecture than in any other.

If you want to be more precise, you could write this:

It rains almost every day in my prefecture, more than in any other prefecture.

But it would sound even better if you included the name of your prefecture...

It rains almost every day in Hiroshima, a record matched by no other prefecture.

David Blomstrom

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My prefecture has the most rainy days in Japan.

Would be a perfectly understandable way of saying no other prefecture has more days that rain than yours. Prefecture is singular and so needs a corresponding verb of the same number, has.
You could also say:

My prefecture has more rainy days during the year than any other prefecture.


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