Does the word "uncovery" exist?



Does the noun uncovery (noun of to uncover) exist?

I have seen this quite often in publications of nuclear reactor safety analyses.

For example:

Assessment of the uncertainties associated with the core uncovery time in TMI-type accidents

I cannot find the word in Or do you have to use the gerund uncovering?



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uncovery See: disclosure Burton's Legal Thesaurus, 4E. Copyright © 2007 The source – V.V. – 2015-12-11T09:07:36.590



It is indeed a technical term, referring to exposed (and therefore uncooled) tubes:

Two separate accident scenarios are addressed. In the first scenario, it is assumed that the non-safety grade startup feedwater system is not available to provide feedwater to the steam generators. In this event, the water level in the steam generators drops, resulting in tube uncovery and there is flashing of a portion of the primary coolant assumed to be leaking into the secondary side of the steam generators. Also, the period of steaming is terminated at 1.5 hours when the capacity of the passive residual heat removal system exceeds the decay heat generation rate.


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The verb is uncover, and uncovery is used as an adjective in your example. It is quite possible that the word has been transformed into a more specific jargon usage specific to reactor core exposure.


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Indeed, it is a good question. I checked several dictionaries for the word 'uncovery' but could not find it.

TheFreeDictionary has an entry for this but it does not clearly state anything on the page.

I think it is not widely used (COCA returns one result to the search 'uncovery'); MS word shows 'error' in the spelling and as I said, dictionaries including MM, OALD, Cambridge, WordWeb don't have such entry.

This seems to be a technical term or jargon in some context, not necessarily available on dictionaries. However, I had come across somewhere something like: "...leaving out an uncovery space on a glass.'

In addition, to make the verb 'to uncover' a noun, it would be 'uncovering' i.e. a gerund word. Uncovering is found in dictionaries.

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If "uncovery "is presented as a synonym to" disclosure " it has got its meaning. – V.V. – 2015-12-12T04:01:09.767