tenses agreement, and the usage of the second conditional: "Would it be okay if I didn't (don't) come to your show next week?"



Would it be okay if I didn't come to your show next week?

Would it be okay if I don't come to your show next week?

Now, as per the rule of the second conditional, if + Simple Past, + would + base verb, would the first not be more grammatically accurate than the second one, and it even follows the being in harmony of tenses?

Is there a difference in the meaning between the two?

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1I attempted to answer, but I had a couple issues midway through, and I don't know how to resolve them except via "that's just how it is", so I'll see if anyone else comes up with a better answer. – modulusshift – 2015-12-10T09:37:27.800

2Interesting question! I've run a search in the COCA corpus, and there are 11 constructions of the type "Would it be ok if + Simple Past verb" and only one construction with a Simple Present verb: " Would it be OK if I check your tub for a second?" There are 9 constructions for "Would it be okay + Simple Past" and only one with Simple Present: "Would it be okay if I start?" – CowperKettle – 2015-12-10T09:39:20.810

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1I don't mean your question is wrong, I just mean that it's difficult enough that I don't want my instincts to lead you wrong, so I'll let the actual scholars here bring the big guns. – modulusshift – 2015-12-10T09:48:28.537

I wish there were sites that would allow me to have conversations with people who have an immaculate grasp over grammar without having to post questions.

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I've found a questions very much like yours on ELU and posted a bounty for it. There are some interesting comments under that question.

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Let us continue this discussion in chat.

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Another related question: Is “would + present tense” bad grammar?

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Is not the reason for posting questions so that other people can also learn from the answers? – Peter – 2015-12-10T12:02:39.317



It is an interesting question.
Both forms are acceptable and understandable:

Would it be okay, if I didn't come to your show next week?
Would it be okay, if I don't come to your show next week?

However, the first sounds better, to me, since it's seeking permission.
The answers to the questions are (expanded for clarity):

It's okay if you did not come.
It's okay if you do not come.

Whereas the second sounds better as the answer.

The interesting opposite would be:

It would be okay if you did come


It would be okay if you do come.


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Both the sentences are correct grammatically.

The first sentence is a conditional 2 sentence, whereas the second is not. You can use "would" in the main clause and if-clause in the present when you make a polite or indirect request.

Would you mind if I open a window? (Longman)


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