What to use to begin an email with if I don't know the name of the person reading


I want to write a letter to a company. Unfortunately I don't know the name of person who is responsible to respond to the email. In such a situation, I used to open my letter with "Dear Sir/Madam". Is there any better greeting to open emails with?


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What kind of letter (nature? purpose?) I think "To whom it may concern" will work (in general). Also, I think it is okay to use what you mentioned: "Dear Sir/Madam", but kindly note that some people don't appreciate it when they are not 'named' (but that's another story) – shin – 2015-11-29T13:11:06.833

1A letter is a paper communication sent through the postal system. Many people are habitually much more informal in emails than they would be with letters (they'll use Hello or Hi as a salutation, for example). Arguably if your letter is sufficiently important to ask about it here, it's important enough for you to find out the name of the recipient first. But any suggestions here are all just a matter of opinion. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica – 2015-11-29T14:51:34.897



You could use

  1. Esteemed CompanyName

  2. To whom it may concern

which keep a formal level.

If you know the position of the person you're talking to

Dear Position

as in

Dear CEO / Dear Manager

which are a bit more colloquial than the previous ones.


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