Reduced relative clause that has "NOT"



There are many examples that demonstrate how to reduce relative clause, but I can't find any example that reduces relative clause having "NOT" in it, like:

I can't find my notebook that contains all my addresses.

I can't find my notebook containing all my addresses.

So, if the original sentence has "NOT", like:

I can't find my notebook that DOESN'T contain all my addresses.

Is it possible to have a reduced relative clause that has "NOT" in it?

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Without using your example (which I find unidiomatic with a participle), here is an example you can find on the web: "What did Sherlock Holmes say about a dog not barking?” --Tight as a Tick by Toni L. P. Kelner.

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Short answer:


I can't find my notebook not containing all my addresses.

Longer answer:

There are three types of reduced relative clauses, this eminent source says:

The relative clause in your sentence can be rephrased into a participle phrase.

Other elements, such as noun phrases, adjectives, adverbs, infinitive and participial phrases, etc., can be negated by placing the word not before them: not the right answer, not interesting, not to enter, not noticing the train, etc. - Negation, English grammar - Wikipedia

Thus, to negate the participle phrase, you need to add not before containing all my addresses:

I can't find my notebook not containing all my addresses.

Other such examples:

Count the ties that are not in red.
→ Count the ties not in red.

The only person who doesn't realize how bad the situation is is you.
→ The only person not realizing how bad the situation is is you.

Study more:


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This is a good answer, but the OP's sentence was extremely unlikely. You might have gotten more votes if it was based on "I looked for a notebook that doesn't contain any addresses." – amI – 2018-10-17T02:03:30.127