How can I use "in spite of" rather than "although"?


My health hasn't improved although I take prescribed medicine regularly.

If I rewrite this sentence by using " In spite of ", should the pronoun "I" be put or not? For example:

In spite of I taking prescribed medicine regularly, my health hasn't improved.


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Despite is the more fitting word here. Preposition meaning "without being affected by; in spite of." – lurker – 2015-12-09T00:37:23.450

How about In spite of me taking precribed medicine regularly,my health has not improved. – Hla Moe – 2016-08-24T09:03:35.600



The preposition phrase in spite of requires that a noun phrase of some kind must follow it - you can't just put a sentence there.

The correct phrasing is:

In spite of taking prescribed medicine regularly, my health hasn't improved.

The noun phrase taking prescribed medicine regularly refers to the act, and the person doing it, which was previously I, is now provided by the second part of the sentence, my health hasn't improved.


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I'd like to add that people sometimes say "in spite of me/my [participle]". I'm not sure how "correct" this is, but you can use this to specify the subject of the "in spite of" clause if it differs from the other clause: "Our team lost the game, in spite of me scoring 9 goals". – Senjougahara Hitagi – 2015-12-08T22:50:05.650

@SenjougaharaHitagi Isn't the subject of the gerund a possessive pronoun? – V.Lydia – 2016-01-13T16:35:27.860

@V.Lydia Logically it "should" be, but I hear people use "me/you/etc." all the time. – Senjougahara Hitagi – 2016-01-15T07:14:07.790


In addition to the above answer, you could also say "in spite of my taking medicine regularly". The subject of the gerund is a possessive pronoun.


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