Verb Tense to use with the phrase "so far"


What verb tense should we use when we have the phrase, "so far" in the sentence?

  • How was your day so far?
  • How is your day so far?
  • How has your day been so far?


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So far, when indicating a time interval, indicates time from the start of something up to the present moment, with the understanding that it is expected to continue. Thus, it is only used with forms of the present and present perfect tenses and their progressive forms, as it would with similar phrases like up to now, till now, as of yet, to date, or thus far.

  • He loves Miami so far.
  • Her new car is running well so far.
  • If it rains he takes the bus, but he's walked every day so far this spring.
  • Increased spending has been failing so far, and now inflation looms.


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So which is correct among my examples? – khaleesi – 2013-05-23T14:16:35.540

1@khaleesi Your second and third examples use the present and the present perfect tenses, and would be correct. – choster – 2013-05-23T14:20:53.433