Than him or than he in this case?


The handsome young teacher fell into easy banter with his students, who were not much younger than he/him.

Should this use "he" or "him"?


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It's an object pronoun, so you put him. – Alejandro – 2015-07-30T03:35:20.340



The "this is he vs. this is him" debate rages on. Meanwhile, though, this one is something a bit different. I would say he here, and will disagree with Oshnaj. The reason is that here you are actually saying that his students were not much older than he was, and leaving out the was. Obviously, "not much older than him was" isn't correct.

For a more complete treatment of the subject, see this.


Posted 2015-07-30T03:21:31.433

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Can you explain why you say "he"? Perhaps paraphrase what's in the link? In general, link-only answers are discouraged.

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