That's dog's feet


You see a set of feet of an animal, and someone asks you a question:

What kind of animal has these feet?

Would all the following answers be correct, especially the ones with singular pronouns?

  1. They/these are dog's feet.
  2. That's dog's feet.
  3. It's dog's feet.

Joe Kim

Posted 2015-06-15T02:57:30.507

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Yup, they are all correct, in one dialect or tother. As well as Them there's dog's feet. – None – 2015-06-15T03:48:28.157

I wonder whether the saxon genitive is appropriate. I would just say "dog paws". Can anyone clarify that? – laureapresa – 2015-06-15T07:09:47.733



The answer to the question "what kind of animal has these feet? is

  • A dog

The answer to "what kind of feet are these?" (a different question than the one you cited) is:

  • "Those are dog feet—but we call them paws."

Brian Hitchcock

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You would need a plural pronoun because you're referring to multiple feet. Only the first sentence would be correct.


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