Why is air conditioning often referred to as A/C? Why the slash?



I don't understand why it's A/C, what's the purpose of the slash? Are there other examples of the same usage?

Gunnar Cheng

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I think it's to make a difference between AC as Air Conditioning and A/C as Air Conditioner. However, in India, we use AC for everything!

So, when you purchase a unit, you may not prefer to say that you bought an AC. Please note that when you turn on/off, both are okay as you can do that for air conditioning and conditioner as well!

However, I'd say there's no major difference left today. AC and A/C both are in practice (at least wherever I've read) and they are interchangeable.

Maulik V

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2I don't know, but adding the slash might have something to do with the fact that AC also stands for Alternating Current. – Brian Hitchcock – 2015-06-01T07:19:17.747