Totally, Completely, Fully or Entirely?


I'd like to know which is which! I don't know if I can use them correspondingly or not. Is there any rule or I have to remember expressions?

  • You are totally/completely/entirely/fully correct.
  • I totally/completely/entirely/fully agree with you.
  • I totally/completely/entirely/fully forgot.
  • and so on.


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2Don't think much! They all mean same. – Maulik V – 2015-04-17T11:42:35.897

4They do all mean about the same thing, but if you said, "I fully forgot", that just doesn't sound right, so there is a difference. Personally, I think "completely" is the word I would use most often in all three of those situations. – Keiki – 2015-04-17T13:29:30.080



They all have the same meaning.

Totally has a small chance of coming across as too informal (in AmE at least) due to this phenomenon which AFAIK is waning but still present. Be careful to not overuse this word in formal situations.

Fully is probably the least commonly used of all these words and the one that most often could catch a listener off guard. Fully support is an example (I fully support the campaign, etc.) I've heard used before, though. I agree with @Keiki that completely is the most common word in this situation, though there is nothing wrong at all with entirely.


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