The age and weight of the person is/are known?


I am not sure whether to use singular or plural forms of the verb in the following example sentence:

The age and weight of the person is/are known.

Thanks for any advice.

Changwang Zhang

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The subject here is "age and weight", so a plural verb is correct. Whenever you have a compound subject joined by "and", you should use a plural verb.

Here, "the person" is the object of the of clause. It is not the subject of the sentence.

The age and weight [of the person] are known.

Consider different versions of your sentence, which make the verb choice more obvious:

The person's age and weight are known.

His age and weight are known.


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Here the verb should be plural i.e. "ARE". It's a case of subject verb agreement. Here the subject is plural( "age and weight" together makes up the subject) so the verb used should also be plural.


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