What follows a mass noun followed by a list with several items?


  1. Equipment are gloves and glasses.
  2. Equipment is gloves and glasses.

//The translation has been approved, but I am only the editor, I have to work with grammar, interpunction but cannot change the terms.


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"Equipment is" since equipment is uncountable. – JMB – 2015-03-13T07:03:29.687

1What is the context before this phrase? Just using "Equipment is" by itself seems odd. I would expect "Equipment used is..." or "That equipment is...". – user3169 – 2015-03-13T16:37:24.753

1"The required equipment for this trip is gloves and glasses." (Although I would be more likely to say "The equipment required for this trip is gloves and glasses.") – Adam – 2015-03-13T17:43:03.093



You already said that you know this word as a 'mass noun'. Simply replace this with another mass noun and come up with an answer...

Knowledge [means] OR [mean] perception and learning

Certainly it is 'means', isn't it?


Equipment is gloves and glasses

Maulik V

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Equipment is gloves and glasses.

Equipment is an uncountable noun.

Darius Miliauskas

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