What to use after "to think"


I have to translate a sentence and I'm checking some options. Can you tell me which one is correct?

The contest is more or less this one: "If I wear this t-shirt..."

  • Do you think it will suite me?
  • Do you think that it will suite me?
  • Do you think (that) it is going to suite me?
  • Do you think (that) it suits me?
  • ...something different...

Any other suggestion/correction will be very appreciated!!


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The verb you're looking for is suit. Suite is a noun (pronounced like sweet), meaning a temporally, spatially or visually ordered composition of related but diverse elements: a suite of dances, a suite of rooms, a suite of furniture.

If you employ the if clause ("if I wear this T-shirt") you need a main clause with a futurive verb (will or is going to), for reasons explained here. Without the if clause ("Do you think this T-shirt [???] me?) you may use either a futurive or the simple present suits.

In any of these, the that is optional, and would probably be omitted in conversation.

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'Is it(this t-shirt) looking good on me?' seems like a valid alternative but 'is it suiting me?' sounds odd. Can you please explain that? – Thor – 2013-03-26T07:18:03.927

1@Thor Normally we don't cast verbs like be, look (in this sense), and suit into the progressive aspect. There are however senses of be and look which take this construction, usually with people as subject: You're lookin' good today! But not suit. – StoneyB on hiatus – 2013-03-26T12:23:24.457


All of your listed items work. Using the future tense usually implies that you are not physically wearing the article of clothing, but perhaps, picking it out from an aisle of clothes and asking for feedback.

You could also say

Do you think it suits me ?

This asks in the present tense, where you would be wearing the article of clothing and would be asking for immediate feedback. It is the same as saying Do you think that it suits me?


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