Do I need to invert the subject and verb in questions?



I came across this post and makes me wonder about below 2 sentences:

How can I do this?

How I can do this?

Considering subject should come before auxillary verb, please clarify if only 1 from above is correct or both are correct giving different meanings to the sentence.


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If you're asking a question, How can I do this? is the correct form.
How I can do this can't be used for asking questions. This will be used in declarative form.
e.g., He wonders how I can do this.

v kumar

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Can I say "How to do this?" – user73963 – 2014-12-01T08:10:33.387

Though we use it very often, "How to do this?" is not a complete sentence. To say it correctly you can say, "Can you tell me how to do this?" or "How do I do this?". – v kumar – 2014-12-01T08:14:59.210