In the sentence "How did John do?", should the verb "do" be replaced with "does"?



While giving my exam online, there was a comparison with John. There I found one sentence:

How did John do?

Is it right grammatically? I think John is one person so does should be used. Please explain.


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1Did you mean "While taking my exam online..."? For example, the instructor "gives" the exam, and the students "take" the exam. It seems to me it should be that way, because if you were giving the exam, I suppose you would already know the questions. – None – 2013-03-12T18:20:00.797



The sentence is correct; it is the construction of questions in English. With did in past tense you use the do form.

Similarly, you say:

How did he manage to win the race?

That is true with does/present tense also, for example with:

How does Federer play 5 sets without getting tired?

While replying the above mentioned rule of s/es will apply.

He plays with exceptionally good technique.


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Accounting for playing five setters without getting tired probably requires knowledge of the setters' ages and breeds, rather than of Federer's technique

– James Waldby - jwpat7 – 2013-03-12T18:28:56.487