Is there a simple website that can show the different forms of any word?


Some words for example I don't know what the adjective form of it is

But looking for it in google sometimes take time

So, I will be glad if you know a website which provides all the different forms of any word easily and quickly.


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1I use, but sometimes it doesn't find the word :( – Daimom – 2017-06-03T12:51:12.990

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Wordreference is a very useful dictionary that allows you to see different usages of a single word depending on the context. Though it won't show you the alternative form of the word when it's an adjective, adverb, verb by adding a prefix (or removing one), it does show when a word is x part of the speech in a sentence. Take a look at short:

adj. having little length or height: the shortest boy in class.

adv. abruptly or suddenly: to stop short.

n. [countable] something short.

v. to form a short circuit (in): [ ~ + obj]:

It shows different meanings of the word depending on the context, however, it won't show that shortly is simply the adjective short + -ly. Then again short (adv.) =/= shortly (adv.)

Nicholas J.

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helpful but doesn't fulfill what i want .. like the word rely : rely.. reliable .. reliance ..reliant and so on – Maher – 2014-11-04T20:46:47.480

1@Maher Those are separate words, not forms of rely. They contain derivational affixes, not inflectional affixes. – snailplane – 2014-12-05T03:47:37.483