Is this correct: "Jon had gotten up early"?


I've decided to start a blog (for the first time).

Ah! I forgot to tell why Jon had gotten up early.

I've never used the word “gotten” nor have I seen anyone use it, but it seems that my usage of that word is correct in the sentence above. If not, please tell me how to use it.

Amit Joki

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Per Oxford Dictionaries:

gotten: Past participle of get.


As past participles of get, got and gotten both date back to Middle English. The form gotten is not used in British English but is very common in North American English, though even there it is often regarded as non-standard. In North American English, got and gotten are not identical in use. Gotten usually implies the process of obtaining something, as in he had gotten us tickets for the show, while got implies the state of possession or ownership, as in I haven’t got any money.

So, the usage of "gotten up" in your sentence is correct, though informal. As is indicated by the presence of this phrase found in numerical blogs online, like this and this.

Manish Giri

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I remember back in school, in English class, we were forbidden from using the word 'got' in writing because it tends to be a rather colourless and lazy word. Avoid this problem by substituting more interesting alternatives.

Jon arose early that day.... Jon awoke early... etc etc etc

Vincent Young

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